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New DVD - History of the Nat Turner Rebellion: Rebirth of a Nation 3 DV-Ds 11-5-16 Michael Imhotep

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The Nat Turner Rebellion of 1831 is the subject of the new film "Birth of a Nation" from director Nate Parker. The film has caused many people to want to know more about the true history of the Slave Preacher Nat Turner and how his Slave Rebellion in South Hampton County Virginia shook American to its core. This presentation will deal with the true history of The Nat Turner Slave Rebellion.  This is a 3 DVD Set and includes the presentation by Michael Imhotep at Temple University on 11-12-16.

We'll tie the 13th Amendment of 1865 to the 14th Amendment of 1868 which laid the foundation for disenfranchising people who are ex-felons.


We'll also talk about the National Prison Labor Strike that is in its 7th week and is involving about 24,000 prisoners nationwide. One of the things they are protesting against is how the 13th Amendment re-enslaves people and how their labor is being exploited.


We'll then deal with the National Economic Boycott that is going to take place Dec. 5th, 2016.

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