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Meltrek Bundle Pack Exploring African History for Children DVD & Books

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This exclusive bundle pack from The African History Network includes the MELTREK DVD Cartoons that deal with teaching African History to our children using Animation and positive Hip Hop.  Also included is the popular Afro-Man & The Protectors of the Book of Knowledge DVD Animated Series.  You will also receive the presentation from Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network, "A Black Panther Analysis for Children: African Culture, History & Afrofuturism".


Meltrek is collection of animated lessons that teaches children African and African American history more in-depth and from an Afrocentric perspective using hip hop music as a teaching tool. Exploring Ancient Africa is the first episode of the series. The objective of this episode is to teach children that the origins of people of African descent do not begin with slavery but with greatness. Join Bunchie, Percy, Michelle, Jessie and Chen as they travel back in time to explore pre-diaspora Africa. They learn about the history, culture and contributions of various African civilizations. The dvd has a running time of approximately of 45 minutes (the animation is roughly 22 minutes and the bonus content is approximately 23 minutes).  This is a great tool for homeschooling and the classroom.

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