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Black Panther 8 Digital Download Bundle Pack

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The "Black Panther 8 Digital Download Bundle Pack" included 8 presentations from Michael Imhotep host of "The African History Network Show".  This includes 3 presentations from Michael Imhotep dealing with the film "Black Panther".  These are Digital Download lectures.  You will be able to download the videos. The links expire in 7 Days so be sure to download. 

1. "Black Panther Analysis, African Culture & History" Lecture Rec. 5-6-18 Michael Imhotep

2. Lessons from "Black Panther": Economic Guerilla Warfare, Political Self Defense, Wakanda The Vote

3. A Black Panther Analysis for Children: African Culture, History - Rec. 5-29-18 - Michael Imhotep

4. The Light of Ancient Egypt Awakens The African Mind To Economic Empowerment - Michael Imhotep

5. Human Guinea Pigs: The History of The Tuskegee Experiment on The Negro Male, Michael Imhotep 7-14-17

6. Malcolm X 50 Years Later Why He Is Still Relevant - 2 Hr Recorded 6-24-17 - Michael Imhotep

7. African American Resistance In The Era of Donald Trump: Voter Suppression, Reparations & How Elections Have Consequences - Rec. 11-24-17

8. The Racist History of The White National Anthem & The Pledge of Allegiance - Rec. 9-26-17


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