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8 DVD 'Black Panther' Bundle Pack - Michael Imhotep

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This Bundle Pack is only offered by The African History Network and includes Documentaries and DVD Lectures that deal with various themes pertaining to the film "Black Panther".  This Bundle Pack deals with African History, African Culture, African American History and Economic Empowerment.  It includes 3 Documentaries ("1804 The Hidden History Of Haiti", "Elementary Genocide 3" and "Black Friday 2") and 5 DVD presentations from Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network and host of "The African History Network Show". 


1. "Black Panther Analysis, African Culture & History" DVD Lecture, Rec. 4-14-18 Michael Imhotep

Michael Imhotep, host of The African History Network Show analyzes the blockbuster film "Black Panther" looking at many themes depicted in the film. He'll look at the African Cultural influences shown in the film, how the film relates to African History, Spirituality and more. What can African Americans learn from the film? We'll look at the history of the Black Panther comic book, recent interviews about the film, the African global response, economic impact and more.  Recorded 4-14-18 in Detroit 2 Hrs


2. Lessons from the film "Black Panther": Economic Guerilla Warfare, Political Self Defense & How To Wakanda The Vote", Rec. 4-20-18, Michael Imhotep


3. 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti (Documentary) DVD, Release Date, Nov. 1st, 2017

"1804: The Hidden History of Haiti" from Director Tariq Nasheed is a documentary about the untold history of the Haitian Revolution. Produced by the creator of the best-selling Hidden Colors film series, 1804 goes in-depth about the four principal players who were instrumental in Haiti s independence: Makandal, Dutty Bookman, Toussaint Louvature, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines. This documentary gives a compelling look into the strategies, the motivation and the mindset that led to Haiti being the only Slave population who successfully overthrew their oppressors.  Featured in the documentary "1804" are Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Prof. James Small, Prof. Kaba Kamene, Anthony Browder, Dr. Wade Nobles, Wyclef Jean and more. Release date November 1st, 2017


4. Elementary Genocide 3: Academic Holocaust Documentary feat. Michael Imhotep, Released Oct. 2017

Elementary Genocide 3: Academic Holocaust adds more statistical proof of the scholastic inequalities faced by Original people around the country. The documentary revisits the importance of education and its impact on self-image, family structure, financial freedom and the collective future of African/indigenous people in America and abroad. With commentary from some of the 21st century’s greatest minds of the African diaspora in America, such as financial scholar and social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins, esteemed Pan-Afrikan scholar and Professor James Small, and Kaba Kamene, international homeschooling advocate Samori Camara, Hip Hop artist and education advocate David Banner, National Talk Show Host and Lecturer Michael Imhotep and best-selling author Shahrazad Ali, Shabazz was able to illustrate the hypocrisy behind America’s public school system and how the infrastructure is designed to keep people of color from developing the capacity to recreate themselves, their families and their institutions with their own hands.

World renowned journalist, and award-winning filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz presents the third installment of his docu-series Elementary Genocide: Academic Holocaust. The first two documentaries in the series; The School To Prison Pipeline and Elementary Genocide 2: The Board Of Education vs. The Board of Incarceration received critical acclaim and launched Shabazz as a political pundit and academic ambassador for the African American community.


5. Black Friday 2 “The Living Legacy World Tour” Documentary feat. Michael Imhotep (DVD), Release Date 10-13-17

Black Friday 2 “The Living Legacy World Tour” is an inspiring film that chronicles Director Ric Mathis’ personal journey around the globe, inspiring people to embrace their Global Living Legacy. Kennedy Stewart a 10 year old entrepreneur narrates this journey, which celebrates African American women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. This Film offers 7 practical principles to build a financial and ethical living legacy. A two part strategy to create your own living legacy.  Director Ric Mathis says, “The Cell phone has turned the world into a village”.  Let us show you how to win in the new Global economy, using technology and your cell phone.  This film takes you on World Tour to Ghana, Spain, Mexico and South Africa to explore the African Global Living Legacy.

Featured in the film are Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network and host of The African History Network Show, Hip Hop Artist/Activist David Banner, Anthony Browder author of "Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization" and "Egypt on The Potomac", Prof Griff and Chuck D. of The Legendary Hip Hop group "Public Enemy", Prof. Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman), Motivational Speaker Les Brown, Jewel Tankard, Judge Lauren Lake, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Prof. Kaba Kamene and more.  Release Date 10-13-17


6. Malcolm X 50 Years Later Why He Is Still Relevant - 2 Hr DVD, Recorded 6-24-17,  Michael Imhotep

In this presentation delivered in Malcolm's hometown of Lansing, MI on June 24th, 2017, Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network deals with different aspects of Malcolm's life and why he is still relevant today.  Malcolm X was one of our greatest leaders of the 20th Century who is very much misunderstood.  Aspects of Malcolm's life discussed are his transformation in prison, Malcolm's emphasis on studying history, his impact on Conscious Hip-Hop in the late 1980's and early 1990's, the impact of the "Malcolm X" movie on African Americans in 1992, Malcolm travels in 1964, The Ballot or The Bullet, Malcolm joining the Civil Rights Movement when he leaves the NOI and much more.


7. Human Guinea Pigs: The History of The Tuskegee Experiment on The Negro Male, Rec. 7-14-17 Michael Imhotep

The Tuskegee Experiment was originally designed to last 6 to 9 months but ended up lasting 40 years from 1933 to 1973.  It only ended when the program ran by the U.S. Public Health Service was exposed in the media in 1973.  Michael Imhotep, founder of The African History Network tells the little known story of this experiment.  Contrary to popular belief the U.S. Government did not inject the men with syphilis and all of the 600 participants did not have syphilis either.


8. "The Light of Ancient Egypt Awakens The African Mind To Economic Empowerment" - Rec. Feb. 25th, 2017, Michael Imhotep

In this presentation, Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network and host of The African History Network Show discusses how the history of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) especially and African History in general can awaken the mind of millions of African Americans today. Discussed are examples of Economic Empowerment, The Black Bank Movement as well as a brief history of African American History Month (Black History Month). This lecture was Recorded on 2-25-17. 

Topics discussed include the connection between Ancient Kemet and Freemasonry, The Africans known as the Moors, concepts of Redistributing The Pain with Economic Boycotts, Dr. Carter G. Woodson and the origins of African American History Month and much more.




















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