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Breaking The Chains: Why We Celebrate Black History Month - Rec. 2-3-18 by Michael Imhotep

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This Multi-Media Presentation by Michael Imhotep deals with the history of African American History Month (Black History), why it was created and how we need to make it relevant for today and the future.  This presentation was recorded on 2-3-18 in Detroit.  You will never look at our history the same after viewing this presentation.

Topics include:

- Who Was Dr. Carter G. Woodson?

-  What was The Association for the Study of Negro Life & History?

- The Historical Origins of African American (Black) History Month and why the way most of us celebrate it is wrong.

- Was John Hanson really a Black President?

- Studies that show how studying our history positively impacts our children.

- The Difference between Self Esteem and Racial Esteem.

- What are our children really learning about Slavery in school.

-  The negative impact of distorted images in the media of African Americans and how they shape

    public policies and laws that impact us.

- Who was in America before the Native Americans & more!

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