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This new bundle pack from Michael Imhotep contains 5 New DVD presentations and is On Sale for $50,00 a $60.00 value!

1) "The Racist History of The White National Anthem & Pledge of Allegiance" (DVD) Michael Imhotep 9-26-17

2)  "The Real Story of Confederate Monuments, The Confederate Flag & Why Robert E. Lee Was Against Them" 8-17-17

3)  "The 13 Forms of Wealth & Redistributing The Pain: Keys To Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship for African Americans" - 8-25-17

4)  "Human Guinea Pigs: The History of The Tuskegee Experiment on The Negro Male" by Michael Imhotep (DVD) Recorded 7-14-17

5)  "How The Three-Fifths Compromise of 1787, The Electoral College & Slavery Empowered Southern States" by Michael Imhotep Recorded 7-14-17

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This presentation from Michael Imhotep founder of “The African History Network” and host of “The African History Network Show” deals with the history of The National Anthem also known as The Star-Spangled Banner and its author, a White Slave Owner named Francis Scott Key who thought that African people were mentally inferior.  This history ties into events involving football star Colin Kaepernick’s protest against the oppression of African Americans and people of color by protesting the National Anthem.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written in August of 1892 by a White Socialist, Baptist minsiter named Francis Bellamy.  Most people don’t know the history behind the pledge and its ties to the Civil War and Columbus Day.  Did you know that the words “under God” were not originally in the Pledge?

This presentation was recorded on Sept. 26th, 2017.

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This presentation from Michael Imhotep, founder of “The African History Network” and host of “The African History Network Show”, looks at the history of the Confederate Monuments, The Civil War, Slavery and how what people think is the Confederate Flag is NOT really the Confederate Flag. 


The debate over the removal of Confederate Monuments largely comes from a lack of understanding of history and people not knowing that they were erected mainly to terrorize African Americans and remind them of their subordinate place in a White dominated society.


Did you know that Confederate General Robert E. Lee was against Confederate Monuments and using the Confederate Flags after the Civil War was over?   Recorded 8-17-17

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This 6 DVD set from Michael Imhotep includes his latest DVD presentations on Malcolm X, Dr. King, Great African Women In History, Donald Trump and more.

1. The Distortion of The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: The Revolution Will Not be Televised On The TEL-LIE-VISION - January 2017

2.  Great African Women In History The Mothers of Civilization - February 2017 New Version 2 DVD Set

3.  Ancient Kemet, The Winter Solstice & The History Of Christmas - December 2016

4. The Light of Ancient Egypt Awakens The African Mind to Economic Empowerment - Feb. 25th, 2017

5. African American Resistance In The Era of Donald Trump, Voter Suppression, Reparations: How Elections Have Consequences - May 27th & July, 2017

6. Malcolm X 50 Years Later Why He Is Still Relevant - June 24th, 2017

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