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Redistributing The Pain How African Americans Fought Back With Economic Boycotts - Michael Imhotep

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“Redistributing The Pain: How African Americans Historically Fought Back With Economic Boycotts" by Michael Imhotep, 4-23-16, 3 DVDs, 4 Hours.  This Multi-Media presentation deals with historical examples of African Americans fighting back economically against White Supremacy and Racism by “Redistributing The Pain” with Economic Boycotts and Cooperative Economics.  We have to study these examples and see how we can use these strategies that worked in the past to meet to the needs and the solve the problems we face today.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his last speech “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop”, 4-3-1968 said “Always anchor our external direct action with the Power of economic withdrawal”!  This means that when we have mass protests whether it's a Black Lives Matter protest or others, you have to have targeted, sustained, Economic Boycotts that weakens your opponent so you can push agenda and get the desired result.  Unfortunately, many people participate in mass protests with good intentions but don't understand the Power of Economic Withdrawal. 

In this presentation, Michael Imhotep deals with what he calls "Economic Guerilla Warfare" which is an overall term to describe this strategy.  The 3 main principles of Economic Guerilla Warfare are to Redistribute, Redirect and Renegotiate. 

1) Redistribute the pain to those inflicting pain upon us through Economic Boycotts.  When you impose Economic Withdrawal of various corporations it will put Economic pressure on them to then put pressure on Politicians so you can push your agenda and bring about the change you want to see.  In essence, you use one big dog to beat the Hell out of another big dog.

2) Redirect dollars towards African American owned businesses so we can become the #1 employers of our own people just like every other ethnic group in America. 

3) Renegotiate our relationship with Corporate America so we can have some of the dollars that we spend with them redirected towards African American owned businesses through various contracts that they currently give almost exclusively to White owned businesses as well as attacking the negative images African Americans depicted in the media.

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