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Out of Darkness is a full length three-part documentary by director Amadeuz Christ (Δ+), examining the untold history of African people, the African cultural contribution to the nations of the world, and the events that have contributed to the condition of African people today. Out of Darkness will explore the Nubian/Kushitic origins of Nile Valley Civilization, contact between Africa and the Americas since the times of antiquity, as well as the influence of the Moors in Europe leading to Europe’s intellectual Renaissance. In addition, the film will analyze the history of modern day racism, the concept of “white supremacy,” the impact of Hip Hop as a social movement, and the idea of nationhood. In the Extended Version see the full director’s cut of Out of Darkness, with five additional chapters (Burden of Proof, Out of Afrika, Post-Trauma, Illusion of Inclusion, & Illuminati) not shown in the Theatrical Version. These additional chapters further detail the Kushitic origins of Ancient Kemet (Egypt), explore the contact between Ancient Africa and Ancient America, as well as the psychology of multi-generational trauma and it’s relation to the history white supremacy. Out of Darkness is narrated by Prof. Kaba Kamene and co-stars Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Claud Anderson, Tim Wise, Prof. James Small, Dr. Joy DeGruy, Anthony Browder, Sabir Bey, Atlantis Browder, and Taj Tarik Bey. (Get 1 FREE DVD by talk show host Michael Imhotep founder of The African History for each copy of "Out Of Darkness" that you purchase.)


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In this specially priced Bundle Pack you will receive all 3 "Hidden Colors" documentaries and you will automatically receive 3 FREE DVD presentations from Michael Imhotep host of "The African History Network Show" and "The Michael Imhotep Show". The bonus DVDs are selected randomly. Hidden Colors 1: The Untold History Of People of Aboriginal, Moor & African Descent – 2011 Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin – DVD 2012 Hidden Colors 3: The Rules To Racism, DVD 2014

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Recorded, 5-11-13 in Detroit, MI (2 DVDs, 6 Hours) - The African History Network Lecture Series presents Prof. Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman) “The Afrikan Connection: Afrika, Mexico & The Mississippi Valley” & Michael Imhotep of The African History Network ”The Media’s Deliberate Destruction of The African-American Family: Reloaded”. Prof. Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman) of “Hidden Colors 1 & 2” discussed the Ancient African Presence in Afrika, Mexico and in the U.S. along the Mississippi River including Pyramids and Mounds that were built and much more. He also discussed a number of other topics including developing Education Curriculums for our schools and children, Homeschooling, Melanin, The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, A Study Guide to study the documentaries, "Hidden Colors 1 & 2" and much more. Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show discussed the African Presence in the U.S. 51,700 years ago, The Lost City Egyptian City of Thonis-Heracleion that sunk into the Mediterranean Sea at least 1,200 years ago, the origins of some of the Negative Images of Africans-Americans depicted in the media, how false statistics are put out about our relationship status, how to counter the Negative Images that we see, evidence of how studying our history helps our children academically and much more. This presentation is an overview of the 3 part, 13 hour lecture series from Michael Imhotep and is updated with new information.



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"Hidden Colors 3: The Rules To Racism" is the follow up to Hidden Color 1 & 2. This installment includes Rapper DAVID BANNER, Rapper NAS, PAUL MOONEY, DICK GREGORY, TARIQ NASHEED, Dr. FRANCES CRESS WELSING, Dr. UMAR JOHNSON and GEORGE FRASER, Dr. PHIL VALENTINE, CAROL ANDERSON KHALIL GIBRAN MUHAMMAD, Prof. KABA KAMENE (Booker T. Coleman), SHARAZAD ALI and Dr. JOY DEGRUY.  (Get 1 Free DVD Lecture from Michael Imhotep with the purchase of this DVD.  We will randomly select the FREE DVD.)


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This 6 DVD Empowerment Bundle Pack from Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show and The Michael Imhotep Show will change the way you look at the media and history.

Included in this Bundle Pack are Part 1 of "The Media's Deliberate Destruction of The African American Family" This multi-media presentation from Michael Imhotep, Executive Producer & Host of “The African History Network Show” deals with the history of some of the Negative Depictions of African-Americans in the media starting in the mid 1800s with the Jim Crow character created by T.D. Wrice about 1829 as well as ofther stereotypes, etc.  We show how these images follow us throughout history in our movies and TV Shows and how they are used to control and destroy us today. We also deal with the need to reclaim thousands of years of our history to change the images that we see. Power is the ability to define and shape reality and to have other people accept your definition of reality as if it were their own. Topics Discussed Include: 1. The origins of Negative Depictions of African-Americans starting in 1829 2. Proof of Africans sailing to the Greek island of Crete, 130,000 years ago 3. The Historical Origins of Racism 4. Understanding the movie, “The Birth Of A Nation from 1915 5. Why Black History Month is in February 6. A look at various TV shows and movies and their depiction of African-Americans. 


"Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: What They Didn't Teach You In School" When we discuss the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade we have to first understand that African people are the Indigenous people of North, Central & South America & have been in the U.S. at least 51,700 years. We can’t start studying our history in SLAVERY. Topics Covered Will Include: - The connection between The 4 Voyages of Christopher Columbus and Slavery. - The Impact the Moors had on Europe that saved them from ignorance and disease. - The economic impact that Slavery had on Europe & the U.S. and more. - How European White Supremacy is like the "Wizard Of Oz" - The Intellectual Capital that was taken out of African during the Slave Trade - Some of the Skills, Trades and Crafts that African people had in The U.S. up until 1865 that built this Country. - The Origins of Racism and much more.


"Slavery's Back In Effect: The Hidden Relationship Between The Prison Industrial Complex, The New Voter Ideas Laws and Black Population Control" This lecture was recorded at "The Meeting of The Master Teachers Conference 2012" in Detroit, MI. November 16th, 2012 and December 1st 2012. This Multi-Media presentation will deal with the link between the new Voter ID Laws that various States are trying to get approved, Privatized Prisons, The Koch Brothers, non-profit organizations like American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Eugenics Program (Black Population Control) and how all these entities are tied together. Topics Covered Including: - What's behind the push for more Privatized Prisons? - Why are Corporations using Prison labor to produce products that you purchase? - How are groups like ALEC behind harsher prison sentences? - Who and what is behind the new Voter ID Laws? - What's the relationship between The Billionaire Koch Brothers and the Tea Party? - What is Eugenics and how does it lead to Black Population Control


“EMPIRE Strikes Black: Propaganda of The Media” & “Malcolm X: 50 Years Later, Why Is He Still Relevant?” by Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show & The Michael Imhotep Show. Recorded April 5th, 2015 in Detroit.

This presentation deals with the Propaganda of the media and how negative depictions of African-Americans influence the way people think, feel, act and behave. Most people think that TV shows, movies, songs, etc. are just entertainment. The history and evidence prove that this is wrong.

What you do for yourself, what you do to yourself, and what you allow other people to do to you is based upon what you think about yourself. - Michael Imhotep

Topics Discussed Include, The TV Show “EMPIRE”, its negative images of African Americans and why we don’t understand it.  Nicki Minaj, “Anaconda” & The Marketing of Destruction To African American Youth, How does excessive TV watching damage the self esteem of African-American Children?  A history of how Negative Images of African Americans helped to facilitate attacks on African Americans and much more.


"The Distortion of The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Revolutionary Will NOT Be Televised" by Michael Imhotep.  Recorded, Jan. 19th, 2015 in Detroit for Dr. King Day at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.  This presenation deals with how the media has distorted who Dr. King was and what he stood for.  Topics covered include Dr. Kings stance on the Black Power Movement, some history of the Montgomery Bus Boycott with a lot of little known information and much more.  This presentation also includes a bonus presentation from Michael Imhotep dealing with history of Kwanzaa and the importance of this African American Cultural Holiday. 


"Black Wall Street: From Destruction to The Resurrection of Economic Empowerment for African Americans" from Michael Imhotep deals with a lot of the little known history of North Tulsa, Oklahoma and it’s African American business district called The Greenwood District or “Black Wall Street”. We had 35 blocks of over 600 businesses in the early 1900s. The real history of Black Wall Street is not very well known and even lesser known is the fact that inspite of insurmountable odds, we rebuilt Black Wall Street after the Race Riot of June 1921. Topics Covered in this presentation: - A Timeline of history leading up to June 1921. - The origins of Tulasa, Oklahoma which was settled by Creek Indians around 1836. - The Black Freedmen Indian Treaty of 1866. This treaty is being enforced for White Indians but not for Africans Americans who qualify. - Did you know that all “5 Civilized Tribes of Native Americans” owned Black Slaves? - Black Wall Street was rebuilt after 1921. - What really destroyed Black Wall Street? It was not the Race Riot. Look out for the new documentary on "Resurrecting Black Wall Street" from Your Black World Films in January 2015 featuring Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.


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