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Resurrecting Black Wall Street The Blueprint Documentary 2016 feat. Michael Imhotep

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This is a documentary released in March 2016 featuring Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network.  Before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by the government, he’d begun to explore the deep impact that economic inequality had on his ability to affect social change. Dr. King found that, if we do not address financial wrongs of the past, we will not be able to fulfill the dream that many of us share today.

“Resurrecting Black Wall Street: The Blueprint” examines Little Africa of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 as a shining example of what black people can accomplish when we pursue our economic goals as a collective. Featuring leading financial scholars, historians and activists, the film allows us to study the body of knowledge left behind by our ancestors in order to move on to a more empowered future.

Principles of cooperative economics, wealth building, and black business development are addressed, along with the TRUTH about what happened to the people who had their wealth stolen and their story buried for over 100 years.  (Get 1 FREE DVD by Michael Imhotep for each copy of "Resurrecting Black Wall Street" that you purchase.)




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