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Part 1: The Media's Deliberate Destruction Of The African-American Family - DVD - 7-28-12

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This multi-media presentation from Michael Imhotep, Executive Producer & Host of “The African History Network Show” deals with the history of some of the Negative Depictions of African-Americans in the media starting in the mid 1800s with the Jim Crow character created by T.D. Wrice about 1829 as well as the Mammies, Sambos, Coons, etc. We show how these images follow us throughout history in our movies and TV Shows and how they are used to control and destroy us today. We also deal with the need to reclaim thousands of years of our history to change the images that we see. Power is the ability to define and shape reality and to have other people accept your definition of reality as if it were their own. Topics Discussed Include: 1. The origins of Negative Depictions of African-Americans starting in 1829 2. Proof of Africans sailing to the Greek island of Crete, 130,000 years ago 3. The Historical Origins of Racism 4. Understanding the movie, “The Birth Of A Nation from 1915 5. Why Black History Month is in February 6. A look at various TV shows and movies and their depiction of African-Americans.


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