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Meeting of the Master Teachers 2014 - feat. Robert X, Kilinidi Iyi, Marduk Bel and Michael Imhotep - Rec. 2-28-14 to 3-2-14, 6 DVDs

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Bro. Robert X - (Lecturer & Researcher from Chicago) “Metaphysical Origins of The Dogon in Kemet”, “Metaphysics of Hollywood: Superman, Thor & Elysium” and “Google...Rise of The Machines” Michael Imhotep - Founder of The African History Network, Host of The African History Network Show, “An Overview: Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: What They Didn’t Teach You In School” When we discuss the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade we have to first understand that African people are the Indigenous people of North, Central & South America & have been in the U.S. at least 51,700 years. We can’t start studying our history in SLAVERY. Topics Covered Will Include: - The connection between The 4 Voyages of Christopher Columbus and Slavery. - The Impact the Moors had on Europe that saved them from ignorance and disease. - The economic impact that Slavery had on Europe & the U.S. and more. - How European White Supremacy is like the "Wizard Of Oz". - The Intellectual Capital that was taken out of African during the Slave Trade. - Some of the Skills, Trades and Crafts that African people had in The U.S. up until 1865 that built this Country. - The Origins of Racism and much more. Ahati Kilindi Iyi - Grandmaster of African Martial Arts, Lecturer & Historian, “DMT and The Tree of Life (The Akhaskic Records), DMT” Bro. Marduk Maruk Bel - Founder, The Temple of Knowledge 720 Degrees, “Kemet, Science and Medu Netcher”

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