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Juneteenth Emancipation Not Independence Day 2021 Lecture Download

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Michael Imhotep host of “The African History Network Show” looks at the origins of The Juneteenth Holiday after The Civil War ended.  General Gordon Granger on June 19th, 1865 delivered General Orders No. 3 to the enslaved Africans in Galveston, Texas.  Even though 4 million Slaves were freed they were not compensated with land which was the foundation of Freedom.  African Americans are going to engage in a Great Migration and The Civil Rights Movement seeking Freedom.  These 2 movements will change America.  (Be sure to download this video because the link expires in 3 Days)

       Topics Discussed Include:

- The Real History of Juneteenth

-  Why the Emancipation Proclamation did not Free the enslaved Africans

- Abraham Lincoln was not an Abolitionist

- Why was the Civil War really fought?

-  Malcolm X called for a unification of The Civil Rights Leaders

-  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about our fight for land



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