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Black Panther 10 ON DEMAND Online Course & DVD Bundle Pack

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This Bundle Pack includes the Online 10 Course Bundle Pack and 6 DVD Lectures by Michael Imhotep host The African History Network Show

Once you have paid for this package we will put you into the Online Courses and you can start watching.  All of the Courses are ON DEMAND. You can watch at your own pace.

(We will automatically enroll in the Course Bundle Pack once payment is completed.)

1. Ancient Kemet, The Moors & The Maafa: Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade What The Didn't Teach You In School - 14 Hour, 7 Session Class - 9-23-17

2. Black Panther Lecture, Cultural Influence, African History - 3-31-18 by Michael Imhotep

3.  Great African Women In History: The Mothers of Civilization

4.  African American Resistance In The Era of Donald Trump: Voter Suppression, Reparations & How Elections Have Consequences

5.  How Richard Nixon's War On Drugs Was A War On The African American Community

6.  Empire Strikes Black: The Propaganda of The Media

7.  The Tuskegee, Alabama Economic Boycott of 1957 and more


Also included in this pacakge is the "6 DVD Black Panther Bundle Pack" as show Below.

The "Black Panther 6 DVD Bundle Pack" included 6 presentations from Michael Imhotep host of "The African History Network Show".  This includes 3 presentations from Michael Imhotep dealing with the film "Black Panther".

1. "Black Panther Analysis, African Culture & History" DVD Lecture Rec. 5-6-18 Michael Imhotep

2. Lessons from "Black Panther": Economic Guerilla Warfare, Political Self Defense, Wakanda The Vote

3. A Black Panther Analysis for Children: African Culture, History - Rec. 5-29-18 - Michael Imhotep

4. The Light of Ancient Egypt Awakens The African Mind To Economic Empowerment - Michael Imhotep

5. Human Guinea Pigs: The History of The Tuskegee Experiment on The Negro Male, Michael Imhotep 7-14-17

6. Malcolm X 50 Years Later Why He Is Still Relevant - 2 Hr DVD Recorded 6-24-17 - Michael Imhotep


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