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Black Migrations 1619 - 2019 6 Digital Download Bundle Pack - Michael Imhotep

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This 6 Digital Download Bundle Pack from Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show includes 6 of his latest lectures from 2019.   The Black Migrations 1619 - 2019 Bundle deals with 2019 being "The Year of Return".  Many African Americans are traveling to Africa to commemorate the 400th year anniversary of Africans being taken into Jamestown, Virginia.  Even though this did happened African people were in the land we call the U.S. for at least 51,700 years. This was our land stolen from us.  "Black Migrations" is the annual theme for the 2019 African American History Month Celebration.  We not only deal with the 400th year anniversary of Jamestown, VA but also The Great Migration, The Red Summer of 1919, The end of the Civil War, Juneteenth, and much more.  (Be sure to download the videos within 7 Days because the links will expire.)

1.  Black Migrations 1619 - 2019: Birth of a Nation, Red Summer of 1919, Great Migration, Detroit Race Riot of 1943 - 2-23-19

2,  6 Principles of Political Self Defense: How Laws and Policies Affect the Conditions of African Americans - 7-21-19 & 9-6-19

3.  When Black Men Dominated Horse Racing - Black Jockeys - 2-16-19

4.  Why Black People Switched from The Republican Party to the Democratic Party - 5-3-19

5.  Juneteenth History, Emancipation Day Not Independence Day, 40 Acres & A Mule - 6-11-19

6.  Ancient Africans In America Before Native Americans, Columbus or Slavery - 5-11-19


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